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Compiling Under Windows

Downloading the Necessary Components

You will have to download the following:

  • Development tools - This is a complete package that includes all tools necessary, including gcc, make, and wxWidgets.
  • TerraIM source code - Get the zipped source code of the most recent release here or follow the instructions to download the source for the latest development version.
  • Installing the Packages

    Run "MingW_wxWidgets.exe". It is a self-extracting archive. When asked where the files should be extracted, select C:\. Then unzip the TerraIM source code in an arbitrary directory. For further examples, we will assume the source code was extracted to C:\dev and is thus located at C:\dev\TerraIM_x.x_source\terraim\src (where x.x is the TerraIM version number).

    Now you will have to add C:\mingw\bin to your PATH. Under Windows XP, Go to Control Panel->System->Advanced->Environment Variables. Now, under "System variables" scroll down until you encounter a variable named "Path". Click "Edit" and in the "Variable Value" box, add "c:\mingw\bin;" to the beginning (without the quotes).

    Compiling the Source

    Open a DOS command prompt by going to Start->Programs->Accessories->Command Prompt. Now, change the directory to the directory where the TerraIM source is by typing "cd C:\dev\TerraIM_x.x_source\terraim\src". Once you are in the TerraIM source directory, execute the command "make" and TerraIM should finish compiling in a few minutes.

    Compiling Under Linux / Mac

    Coming soon...
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